Storymakery: The Next Chapter

A little while ago, I took my daughter to Storymakery for a Father/Daughter date night.   I had a blast creating a book with my daughter; and she felt very special now as a published author.  To this day, the book is hidden somewhere in her bed, and when she thinks we are in bed, she brings it out and reads it. 

With Father’s Day approaching, we decided to do another book. This time Storymakery had a new treat available to us. They are now publishing books in hard cover!  My daughter was so excited to publish her second book and this time in hard cover that she kept asking me when we were going.  Next time,  I won’t tell her until day of, so I won’t have to be grilled for a week about “is it today”.  

When we got to Storymakery location, we were delighted to see that they have some great new features available.  The first feature was the offering of the Storytale Express.  The Storytale Express asks your child a number of questions, and they will build a story for them.  There are a number of storylines available to choose from, and the questions create a path for your child’s character.  

The other Storytale Package is the one we chose; it not only allowed my daughter to do the express storyline, but we got the hard cover book and a poster!  The characters that were created by my daughter were used for both the book and the poster. 

The final available feature is the Imagination Kid Workshop.  With this workshop your child will get a one on one experience that will help them create the character and help with writing the story.  

Once my daughter answered a few questions, she got busy creating her characters on the computer.  There were so many options for each of the characters (from color of the eyes, to clothing options, skills, accessories, and more)!  At one point, my daughter had created so many characters, I didn’t know how she was going to squeeze them all in into her story book. 

After we were done with the character designs, we were surprised and delighted by another activity at the Storymakery store.  The Writer’s Room Productions acted out three (3) stories for all the attendees there.  Two of the stories were put together with kids providing feedback on how the story should move forward. The third was based on the story, written by a student that had won a contest based on his story.  

I was blown away how much fun the kids (and let’s be honest, even the adults) had with the team from Writer’s Room Production. Not only did they acted out the stories with great enthusiasm, but they had someone who played music to the theme of the story.  It reminded me of the old radio stories of the 30’s and 40’s.  

As the show ended, I ran into Payal who is the owner of Storymakery.  She informed me that Storymakery team has added a number of birthday packages and one of them is the Kaleidoscope Experience.  This experience, provides the birthday party attendees with their own book as well as the performance of the birthday boy or girls’s story by the Writer’s Room Production team.  

Overall we had yet another unforgettable experience at Storymakery.  The best thing about Storymakery is that we walk away with a fun, entertaining and educational experience; but the most important thing is that my daughter walked away with a book she published. With each of these books she has grown more confident that she can do anything she wants to do.  

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